ROCKWOOL launches new non-combustible thermal insulation for HVAC ducts

ROCKWOOL launches new non-combustible thermal insulation for HVAC ducts

Stone wool insulation specialist, ROCKWOOL, has introduced DuoDuct — a non-combustible thermal insulation solution for rectangular and square external ductwork to minimise the risk of fire spread in buildings.

“The future of insulation in the built environment has a clear focus on fire safety,” says Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL UK. “In the event of fire, metal ducts can act as significant heat conductors. HVAC systems are commonly located within the area of roof systems, intaking or extracting air from within the building. Since ductwork is normally produced from steel which conducts heat, it is important to consider the materials we use to insulate it and, wherever possible, minimise the risk of heat transfer and fire spread between the internal and external environment of the building. Incorporating non-combustible insulation within the roof system itself will also further reduce the risk of fire spread.”

By specifying and installing non-combustible DuoDuct Slab on external HVAC ductwork, M&E consultants and HVAC contractors can support efforts to reduce the fire load on the building envelope and also bring significant thermal and acoustic benefits to the occupants and owners of the building itself.

DuoDuct is a robust, Dual-Density stone wool slab designed for operating service temperatures of up to 230oC, with fire resilient stone wool at its core, DuoDuct is capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1000°C. CE marked in accordance with BS EN 14303: 2015, ROCKWOOL DuoDuct achieves a Reaction to Fire classification of A1 non-combustible as defined in BS EN 13501:1. DuoDuct can thus be confidently specified and used as a non-combustible insulation solution which minimises heat loss, heat gain and the risk of fire spread.

Primarily, DuoDuct is designed as a thermal insulation for ductwork carrying warm air, chilled or dual-purpose duct systems although it can equally be used within plant rooms or in low level plant work applications where its dual density structure offers high impact resistance. Additionally, because of the inherent sound insulating performance capabilities of stone wool insulation, DuoDuct can also be used to reduce unwanted noise from HVAC plant, especially where gases, fluids or particle solids may be transported at high velocities.

Quick and easy to install, DuoDuct is simple to cut and form around ductwork and can be rapidly secured using suitably approved adhesive or stick-pins. DuoDuct is supplied with an aluminium facing to the high-density surface, offering a strong outer layer for the application of insulation cladding systems and external waterproofing duct membranes.

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