Potterton Commercial launches Free For Three offer

Potterton Commercial launches Free For Three offer

Potterton Commercial has unveiled its new ‘Free for Three’ offer of free commissioning, free extended warranty and free service kit across its aluminium and stainless steel wall-hung and floor-standing condensing boiler ranges. The offer, which runs from 1st August to 31st October 2020, applies to Potterton Commercial’s popular Paramount, Sirius and Eurocondense boilers.

Dan Martindale, Commercial Sales Director for Baxi Heating, said: “We pride ourselves on delivering reliability and have done so for over a century. For this reason, Potterton Commercial boilers already come with the offer of free boiler commissioning by our experts as standard to ensure smooth operation and enable our free extended 5-year warranty to be activated.

“But to maintain high boiler efficiency, it’s essential to carry out regular servicing. So, for a limited period, we are going “Free for Three’ and including our carefully selected genuine parts service kits in our winning offer.”

Potterton Commercial’s service kits have been carefully selected to contain all the parts required to complete a full recommended boiler service on the first visit, all handily boxed in an easily transportable package.

As the kits contain only genuine parts, specifically designed for Potterton Commercial boilers to meet the required safety and quality standards, they are guaranteed to fit better and more easily. In this way, the service kits deliver cost and time savings and, with less time required to be spent on site, make it easier to adhere to safe working guidance.

Using only officially tested and approved parts also maximises boiler reliability and longevity, while ensuring full compliance with warranty terms and conditions.

Dan continued: “Small steps can lead to big changes. As we strive to reduce energy demand in buildings, optimising boiler performance through expert commissioning, extended warranties and regular servicing is a good starting point. With our ‘Free for Three’ offer on our Potterton Commercial boilers, we hope to help our customers maximise efficiency savings for building owners and end users in a timesaving, cost-effective way that makes everyone a winner.”

For more information, visit www.pottertoncommercial.co.uk/freeforthree

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