Arctic Hayes | Keeping tenants warm

Arctic Hayes | Keeping tenants warm

Lee Parsons, CEO of Arctic Hayes, explains how filters, repair kits and a bit of knowledge can help keep the heat running efficiently for tenants.

Since the update to Part L of the Building Regulations, all new gas boiler heating systems in the UK must be fitted with a magnetic filter. A scale reducer is recommended to be fitted to all systems, but any boiler with a scale rating of 200ppm or more must have a scale reducer. A flush should also be completed on all new systems and when repairing existing systems.

The emphasis on these regulations underscores the critical importance of maintaining heating systems not just for their efficiency and reliability but also for the comfort and well-being of tenants. Magnetic filters, which are suitable for a wide range of applications from domestic to industrial settings, play a pivotal role in this process. By attracting and retaining ferrous metal debris, these filters prevent potential damage to boilers and radiators, ensuring the heating systems operate smoothly while extending their lifespan.

For example, the Trappex Centramag 2, a magnetic filter designed for domestic settings, offers an easy-to-install solution that fits seamlessly into existing setups. This simple yet effective measure preserves the heating system’s efficiency. On a larger scale, commercial and industrial filters provide robust protection for more extensive systems, safeguarding against the demanding conditions of commercial and industrial environments.

The installation process of these magnetic filters is designed to be straightforward, typically near the boiler to maximise their debris-capturing efficiency. Maintenance is equally hassle-free, with clear guidelines for regular checks and cleaning to maintain peak performance. This preventative approach is crucial, not only in terms of filtration but also in troubleshooting potential issues before they escalate.

Heating repairs
When repairing a heating system, the traditional method is to drain the system. However, this is time-consuming and disruptive to tenants. Pipe Freeze kits offer a solution that allow for pipe repairs without system drainage. These kits are easy to use, efficient and cause minimal disruption. They are a great option for building managers — they save vast amounts of time, there is hardly any clearing up to be done and there is no disruption to tenants’ homes. The kits can freeze pipes in just a few simple steps.

Just select the correct size insulated jacket and wrap it securely around the pipe that needs freezing, fasten the jacket using the zip ties provided in the kit to ensure a snug fit for optimal freezing and allow the refrigerant to flow into the jacket, freezing the pipe in just a matter of minutes. Once the pipe is frozen, turn off the refrigerant flow and proceed with repair or installation work without draining the system.

Drilling the Easibleed into the radiator

Some common heating issues are even more straightforward and with the right bit of kit can be completed in minutes. For instance, the Easibleed radiator draining valve represents a significant advancement in radiator maintenance. If the radiator valve is broken, this self-drilling air vent allows for quick and efficient radiator bleeding without the need to drain the system, saving time, money and effort.

The focus on maintaining heating systems is more important than ever. With just a few of the right tools at hand, local authority building managers will be able to keep the heating system efficient and tenant well-being at the top of their priority list.

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