Newark’s affordable homes tour

Newark’s affordable homes tour

New homes and efficiency were celebrated this month during Newark and Sherwood Homes’ bus tour of the district, an annual event which aims to inform and support the community.

Tenants, councillors, directors of the board and representatives from Newark and Sherwood Homes came together for the event which showcased the housing provider’s successes over the past year, as well as its upcoming plans.

Travelling from Ollerton to Newark, the bus tour aimed to inform attendees about progress in the district, including completed housing developments at Ollerton and commencement of development at Bowbridge Road Special Care Scheme in Newark.

Rebecca Rance, chief executive at Newark and Sherwood Homes, commented: “During the bus tour we aimed to demonstrate our work over the past 12 months and our plans for the future. The bus tour is a fantastic way for us to reward our tenants and staff who put so much time into all the things we do and help them learn more about how we work on a day-to-day basis.

Alongside showcasing housing in the district, the tour also aimed to inform attendees about Newark and Sherwood Homes’ improved processes and systems. During the tour, the housing provider hosted a number of workshops covering: universal credit,  tenant involvement, energy efficiency, agile working and the digital systems it has in place.

Newark and Sherwood Homes’ vice chairman of the board Michael Frettsome added: “The bus tour is an extremely valuable experience and a great way for us to find out more about integral changes in the district which may affect us.

“For instance, today’s universal credit workshop helped me to learn more about the effects universal credit will have on the community and how we will adapt our services to support tenants, which is really important. It is definitely beneficial for us to learn more about these changes and schemes which will ultimately have an impact on people’s lives.

“I also thoroughly enjoyed visiting housing developments during the tour, as it is great to see the schemes we are told about in person. Quite possibly one of the greatest benefits of the bus tour is the ability to meet fellow tenants, councillors and Newark and Sherwood Homes staff who we are able to build new relationships with.”

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