New podcast set to deconstruct Scotland’s housing crisis

New podcast set to deconstruct Scotland’s housing crisis

A new podcast focusing on Scottish housing is being launched, featuring interviews with leading politicians, economists and industry insiders.

The Scottish Housing Podcast promises to get behind the headlines, explaining the issues facing first-time buyers, homeowners and tenants in an easily understandable way. It will cover everything from guides for those who want to get on the property ladder to the history of social housing and how urban planning can affect wider society.

The podcast will also feature in-depth interviews with leading politicians and representatives of key industry organisations, such as the Scottish Association of Landlords. Experts will also discuss the potential implications of new legislation, such as the recently published Housing (Scotland) Bill, which proposes the introduction of long-term rent controls and significant new rights for tenants.

Hosted by BBC Scotland property expert Brian Gilmour and former Glasgow City Council Leader Steven Purcell, the new show will also aim to deconstruct Scotland’s housing crisis, getting perspectives from experts on its causes and solutions.

The show is being launched in the wake of four Scottish councils — Glasgow, Edinburgh, Fife and Argyll and Bute — formally declaring housing emergencies. The local authorities have cited extreme pressure on housing and homelessness services as the reason for their decisions, with the podcast’s hosts set to delve into what this status means in practical terms.

The number of new homes being built in Scotland will also come under the microscope, after the latest quarterly figures showed a worrying slowdown. Housing data published in March showed that there were 20,992 new-build home completions and 16,017 starts last year, down 11% and 24% respectively compared to 2022.

Brian Gilmour said: “Our podcast is designed to appeal to anyone who is interested in housing, by cutting through the jargon and unpicking the issues in an engaging way.

“Housing in Scotland is an extremely complex area, but our mission is to make it accessible to all, lift the lid on some of the industry’s secrets and entertain people while we do it. It truly is a subject that touches everyone’s lives and there are so many aspects to explore, such as how the impacts of policies such as Right to Buy and the financial crash of 2008 are still being felt now.”

Steven Purcell commented: “Brian and I have very different perspectives on housing, but it is an area that fascinates us both and the more we talk about it the more we find common ground.

“I was involved in a number of major housing projects during my political career, and it’s interesting to reflect on how Glasgow and Scotland has changed over the intervening years. What most interests me is how housing is so interconnected with wider society. It has a direct influence on the economy, jobs and people’s incomes, but also on community cohesion and how people feel about themselves every day.”

Header image: Brian Gilmour on the right and Steven Purcell on the left

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