The first Sovereign resident through the 100 Beds in 100 Days project moves into new home

The first Sovereign resident through the 100 Beds in 100 Days project moves into new home

Sovereign is working with the Mayor of Bristol to help alleviate homelessness in the city through the 100 Beds in 100 Days project.

The initiative is bringing together businesses, charities, community groups and housing providers to help 100 people into decent accommodation within 100 days.

Samater Maygag (pictured above), 30, also known as Sam, had spent a year sleeping rough or moving in and out of temporary accommodation before he became the first person to move into a Sovereign home through the project.

It was a huge day for Sam when he met with Brad Loder, Sovereign Housing Officer, to sign his tenancy agreement and hand over the keys. Sam could not wait to unpack and begin his new life in his new home, and he’s already using the opportunity to make a new start; Sam’s enrolled in college and has hopes of owning his own business one day.

Sam said: “This is more stable now; I have my own place. I know it might sound weird but one of the biggest things for me is that I don’t have to share a bathroom anymore. I’ve got privacy. The places I’ve been staying aren’t always that safe, and I’m near my brother now too.”

The 100 beds in 100 Days project will came to a close on 10th April, and Sovereign are close to providing two more homes elsewhere in the city. Daniel Russell, a Housing Services Manager for Lettings at Sovereign said: ‘We’re pleased that we got involved with this initiative and delighted to see Sam has settled into his new home. We’re also looking forward to handing over the keys to the next two properties through the scheme, which is set to happen in early May.’

Over the last few weeks the agencies involved in the project have been talking with the Mayor’s office about how we can work together to help meet the range of housing needs in the growing city.

The 100 Beds in 100 Days project is the result of a lot of agencies working together, and when Jeremy Stephens, Elim Supported Housing Worker, heard about the project he put forward five people, including Sam. All five have now found homes. The project has highlighted the importance of collaboration between agencies to get the help where it is needed.

Jeremy said: “The 100 Beds project has cut the red tape a little; I’ve never been able to find homes so quickly, this project has created a momentum.”


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