Promat PYROSEC 19 offers safe solution for new mother and baby unit

Promat PYROSEC 19 offers safe solution for new mother and baby unit

Fire resistant glazing specialist Promat UK has worked with Doorset Technology to help deliver a safe, calm and naturally-lit environment for a specialist healthcare facility developed for mothers who are facing mental health problems.

The new Ribblemere Unit, developed by Lancashire Care NHS Trust at the Chorley and South Ribble District General Hospital, provides vitally important care for women experiencing severe mental health problems or who may be at high risk of becoming mentally unwell in the perinatal period. The state-of-the-art facility, designed by architects Gilling Dod, enables treatment and recovery for mothers while allowing their relationships with their babies to develop, and is staffed by multidisciplinary teams across psychiatry, nursing and nursery care.

The redevelopment project’s focus was on interior design and arts integration. With insights taken from the patients and staff of the unit it replaced, an interior theme of rivers, meadows and natural landscapes was developed, with artist Stella Corrall commissioned to develop bespoke artworks for the scheme. These appear on many walls and manifestations throughout the Ribblemere Unit, combining with large new windows, glazing, and bright ‘daylight’ lighting to deliver a sense of softness that adds to the uplifting and calming feel.

Doorset Technology worked closely with the architects at the design stage to ensure that any products specified would be fit for purpose to obtain a high degree of robustness along with creating an uplifting experience. Their bespoke timber doorsets and screens featured Promat UK’s PYROSEC 19 glass for the vision panels.

Marc Evans, Business Development Manager at Doorset Technology stated: “Doorset Technology are currently engaged on a full spectrum of new mental health projects spanning high, medium and low secure facilities along with two young people’s CAMHS units. Our doorset and screen systems for each of these schemes rely on and include PYROSEC 19 glass for safety, fire protection and mechanical performance in high-risk operational areas. Doorset Technology has fire test evidence for PYROSEC 19 glass in excess of 0.3m2 door vision panel sizes at both FD30 and FD60 performance.”

The solution was chosen for its performance characteristics. It is a modified toughened, fire/physical attack resistant glass specifically developed for use in the UK’s most secure facilities within vision panels in doors, side screens and walls. With full transparency, the dual-purpose nature of the glass makes it ideal for use in public sector environments, such as hospitals, social and mental health facilities, as well as police stations and custodial buildings.

It is designed and ‘Specified for a Reason’ to provide a dependable solution to meet very specific building requirements. It is part of an extensive range of fire, thermal, acoustic insulation products manufactured by Promat in ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered facilities which provide supply chain integrity and clear traceability for total end user assurance.

Promat UK’s Segment Manager for Glass, Cath McLean added: “Doorset Technology has delivered an outstanding result at the Ribblemere Unit and we are delighted to have worked with them to provide the combination of fire safety and security required in the doorsets. PYROSEC 19’s ability to optimise natural light and visually connect internal spaces here helped to create the perfect environment to deliver the necessary care, whilst ensuring patients and their children are safe and secure.”

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