BMI | AeroDek

BMI | AeroDek

Drawing on its extensive experience in lightweight metal tiles, BMI has introduced AeroDek. A roofing solution built for the future, AeroDek is designed to be faster, safer, stronger and lighter than traditional roof coverings; while replicating the high aesthetic of clay, concrete or slate in a tile guaranteed to last for 40 years.

Made from a recyclable, galvanised steel core protected by a resilient, multi-layer stone-coated finish; the interlocking tiles are quick to install, lightweight and resistant to damage by vandalism or extreme weather. These properties make AeroDek particularly suited to buildings that demand a robust and secure roof solution; and projects that subject to extreme weather conditions in coastal or aggressive climate environments.

Being durable, lightweight, low maintenance, fast to fix and with a 40-year guarantee, AeroDek is also suitable for flat-to-pitch conversions down to 10o, especially in the social and rented housing sectors.

AeroDek’s robustness, performance and security in the face of vandalism is demonstrated by its accreditation under the Association of Chief Police Officers’ Secured by Design crime prevention initiative; as well as by the Loss Prevention Certification Board. The fully dry fixed roofing system ensures not only maximum storm resistance, but also compliance with the installation requirements of requirements of BS 5534: 2014 +A2: 2018 Code of practice for Slating and Tiling.

BBA certified, the three tiles in the AeroDek range – Robust Plus, Traditional Plus and Traditional Plus 0.9mm – typically weigh a seventh of traditional alternatives and represent a huge materials saving, with an average 65m2 roof requiring over 70% fewer tiles than the traditional equivalents; AeroDek is available in a choice of dimensions, colours, popular profiles and steel grade, depending on tile.

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