Redland tiles and Innofix Clips top off Merseyside housing development

Redland tiles and Innofix Clips top off Merseyside housing development

The Crossway development in Widnes, Merseyside employs the Innofix Clip and two tiles developed by Redland to achieve a weatherproof envelope in the shortest time possible.

Designed by Denovo Design for the Halton Housing Trust, the small estate was a winner at the 2017 Green Apple Awards for the Built Environment and Architectural Heritage, and also a finalist in the LABC (Local Authority Building Control) NW Awards, in two categories: Best Social or Affordable New Housing Development and Best Small New Housing Development.

There are 12 plots on the site, in a mixed development of two bungalows, four three-bed houses and six one-bed apartments, all roofed in Redland Grovebury double pantiles. To blend in with the surrounding area, they use the Slate Grey and Redland DuoPlain interlocking plain tiles in colour Blue.

Architect Nicola Toomey commented: “Quality and durability are important and Redland is a tried and tested manufacturer, so it has credibility with clients such as housing associations for whom maintenance is a big issue.

“We chose these two specific tiles to meet concerns from the planning department, and the Innofix Clip was a definite benefit because all these buildings are timber-frame, so it’s imperative to get them weatherproof as soon as possible”.

Redland DuoPlain and Grovebury interlocking tiles

Jake Duff, Director of the subcontractor Mersey Roofing, said about the clip: “This was the first time that we’ve used it and it worked really well, so well that we’re going to use it on our other jobs when we can.”

Developed for the entire range of Redland’s concrete interlocking tiles, the Innofix Clip needs no tools at all and meets the increased fixing requirements set out in BS 5534, the British Standard Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling. The tile clips are up to 40% quicker than using traditional nailed clips and come in a tangle-free magazine-style holder.

DuoPlain tiles are laid ‘single lap’ but look as if they are classic ‘double lap’. They only use a third as many tiles because each interlocking tile has a mock central groove and distinctive double camber tile segments. This makes each tile look like two traditional plain tiles so you can cover the same area with fewer tiles — cutting costs because installation is quicker, creates less waste, and reduces roof weight.

With pitch performance down to 25˚, DuoPlain tiles offer new design possibilities without compromising on traditional plain tile appearance. The tiles come in seven different colours and with a comprehensive range of ridge, hip and verge systems, vent tiles and fixings — all guaranteed to remain secure and weathertight for at least 15 years.

Based on the same design strategy — a double pantile shape is quicker and easier to lay than a single pantile design — the Grovebury concrete interlocking tile retains the traditional flowing lines of a classic pantile to blend easily into different environments. A low pitch, wide variety of colours, and two different surface textures to choose from makes Grovebury a useful choice for both new-build and renovation.

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