NHMF launches new framework to offer greater choice to social housing providers

NHMF launches new framework to offer greater choice to social housing providers

A new framework is now available across the UK, with the aim of shaking up the procurement market and providing greater choice for social housing providers.

Launched in association with the National Housing Maintenance Forum, the not-for-profit organisation, Frameworx, is offering something new, including a competitive maximum fee of 1.5%, an established and engaged supply chain, and investment in initiatives including social value, training and benchmarking.

Connect with the best
Frameworx Director, David Miller commented: “We are proud to bring a new ethos and approach that we hope will shake up the market, especially when it comes to social value. As our tagline suggests, working with Frameworx gives our social housing partners access to the best choice, experience, value for money and innovation from a range of pre-qualified contractors, consultants, vehicle provision & building material suppliers.

The Frameworx difference
“When we say not-for-profit, we mean not-for-profit. We will invest surpluses back into social value, training, benchmarking and contract support. We have achieved the balance of being able to offer a highly competitive maximum fee of 1.5% fee, whilst still providing an established and engaged supply chain with access to the UK’s leading suppliers who are all determined to deliver better homes and communities – all backed with the credibility and expertise of the NHMF brand and exclusively supported by the M3NHF Schedule of Rates.

“Against a backdrop of ever-rising procurement costs, we offer efficiencies and economies of scale, through both traditional framework approaches and Dynamic Purchasing Systems. But more than this, we offer added value through our engaged, friendly, experienced team of people who want to work closely with the supply chain, rather than simply be administrators of a transactional process.

“We look forward to working with social housing providers and contractors who want more when it comes to frameworks.”

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