Housing Professionals Debate Future of UK Energy at Worcester HQ

Housing Professionals Debate Future of UK Energy at Worcester HQ

At a recent event, Worcester Bosch partnered with the Housing Forum in a bid to tackle future challenges relating to quality construction and heat provision in the UK amongst housing professionals.

Featuring key speakers from across the housing and construction industry, attendees of the Housing Forum’s Energy Summit event discussed where energy might sit amongst a drive towards quality and sustainable housing and ambitious construction targets.

With increased governance on carbon emissions, heat is arguably the UK’s biggest challenge when it comes to decarbonising and phasing out carbon fossil fuels in new build housing. As such, Worcester Bosch and spokespeople from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Energy Utility Alliance (EUA) addressed how the country might best transition from fossil fuel boilers to more sustainable alternatives, while causing minimal disruption.

Shelagh Grant, CEO of The Housing Forum, said: “Worcester Bosch has been a member of the Housing Forum for a considerable number of years, so when it came to deciding on who to partner with for this event, the company immediately sprang to mind.

“It has been a year of important announcements in this sector, not least with the setting of ambitious targets to build 300,000 new homes every year until the mid-2020s and increased funding for housing associations and local authorities. Housing and construction are complex processes involving many parties, from housebuilders and subcontractors to manufacturers and planning advisors, so events like these are crucial to demystify the current state of play and future ambitions for the sector. I believe great opportunity lies ahead for the housing and construction industries to work collaboratively in building a sustainable future.”

Martyn Bridges, Director of Technical Communication and Product Management at Worcester Bosch, commented: “We are delighted to have hosted this year’s Housing Forum event, particularly given its focus on the future of energy. While there is a lot of work to be done, events such as this are crucial to facilitate healthy debate and innovation across the sector.

“With challenges ahead, it will only be through collaboration and quality design and workmanship that we will be able to meet housing demand effectively. The way we heat our homes is a huge part of this strategy to ensure quality of housing that is both sustainable and practical for end users.”

The Future of Fuel: What the future holds for the UK’s mains gas network, is now available to download in full via the Worcester Bosch website

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