Energys urges schools and colleges to use its multi-million pound fund to invest in energy efficiency

Energys urges schools and colleges to use its multi-million pound fund to invest in energy efficiency

The rising cost of energy and inflation means that now is the time to invest in energy efficiency — and specifically, upgrades to LED Lighting. This is the message from specialists in energy efficiency retrofit projects, Energys Group.

The company is urging Business Managers in maintained schools and colleges to reap the cost efficiencies that upgrades to LED lighting can offer. “This is often the easiest way to save money and cut carbon,” said Energys Group Account Director Raj Gunasekaran. “Doing nothing is likely to impact on operational costs and may well affect your front line/staffing budgets.”

To support schools at a time when a combination of energy price rises, inflation and rising operational costs are increasing rapidly, Energys Group has announced a multi-million pound Energy Efficiency Fund for Maintained Schools. Energys Group is a leading specialist in low carbon energy-efficient technologies, LED manufacturer with proven, tested certified lighting solutions suitable for education sector. The company provides cash positive funding programmes as well as full turnkey solutions — and has implemented successful energy retrofit projects at over 1,000 schools.

“Our Energy Efficiency Fund for Maintained Schools is specifically aimed at educational establishments that want to energy efficiency/LED lighting upgrade projects — but can’t afford them using CapEx Budgets,” added Raj. Energys has designed its fund in a way that no upfront payment is needed. And funding is available to all types of maintained schools.”

For schools and colleges interested in this scheme, Energys say it will start the process by identifying your potential energy savings. The company offers a free No-Obligation Lighting Audit at no cost to your school.

Audit process
During the audit, Energys will also identify measures to see if your school meets eligibility criteria for the Government-backed SALIX Decarbonisation Grant scheme (PSDS). This funding scheme is due to open in September 2022. Energys has previously delivered PSDS projects in over 70 schools with a project value of £6M.

If you are interested to sign for FREE No-obligation Lighting audit, please email and quote reference “SCHOOLS-2022-AUDIT”.

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