Roofing, Cladding & Insulation | Sika: Warm front

Roofing, Cladding & Insulation | Sika: Warm front

When the original built-up aluminium roof system at Tollcross International Swimming Centre had reached the end of its service life, a condition survey was conducted and a new warm roof build-up solution was selected for the refurbishment project. LABM finds out more.

Owned by Glasgow City Council and operated by Glasgow Life, Tollcross International Swimming Centre is much more than a local leisure facility; it has been the venue for swimming contests on a global stage, including both the Commonwealth Games of 2014 and the IPC Swimming World Championships in 2015. Alongside its two 50m Olympic-size swimming pools, the building boasts a range of dry sports facilities and is both a world-class sports venue where professional athletes train and compete, and a sports and leisure facility for local residents.

Building maintenance was a high priority for both the local authority and the operator. The original built-up aluminium roof system had reached the end of its service life, leading to the decision to carry out a roof refurbishment. The roof upgrade with the installation of a new warm roof build-up from Sika Liquid Plastics was done as part of a wider programme that also included an internal refurbishment of the pool area.

Low odour solution
The roofing project was planned as a two-phase refurbishment with the main pool area internal and external works carried out during phase 1 to accommodate upcoming planned competitions, and the roof of the remaining core building refurbished as phase 2. Although the pool was closed during phase 1, the rest of the building stayed open for public use throughout both phases, so it was vital to use a low odour, low hazard roofing system.

Danny Quinn, Area Technical Manager at Sika Liquid Plastics explains: “Liquid Roofing systems offer a robust and flexible alternative to traditional materials and can often be installed as an overlay. The use of a cold applied liquid membrane is also a big advantage for installations in operational public buildings as it means that hot works are unnecessary, which overcomes the need to manage this risk.

“It’s important to specify the right cold-applied membrane for the project, however, both in terms of compatibility with the substrate and in terms of suitability for use in a live environment. With its low odour formulation, extended service life and compatibility with virtually any substrate, Decothane Ultra has become a popular choice for the refurbishment of buildings that need to remain in use during the works.”

Condition survey
Alongside the need to carry out the refurbishment using a low odour liquid system, the specification also had to ensure that the roof build-up could both protect the building from water ingress and cope with condensation rising up to the roof area from within the poolroom.

Danny continues: “We always begin a refurbishment project by carrying out a site inspection and condition survey to inform the technical specification. At Tollcross International Swimming Centre, it was clear that, historically, water ingress through the built-up aluminium roof system and condensation from within the building had caused the existing insulation to perish. Consequently, specification of the new roof system needed to ensure that moisture could not compromise the service life of the new roof, which is fully-guaranteed for product performance and workmanship for 20 years.”

New roof build-up
Following the site survey, Sika Liquid Plastics’ Quality Assured (QA) Contractor, Group Tegula was appointed to carry out the roof refurbishment project, working alongside the contracting team for the wider refurbishment project to phase the programme aligned to the schedule.

Due to the effects of water ingress on the original insulation, the roof was stripped out to the lower aluminium deck for each phase. This enabled the installation of a new roof build up which was specified to improve the building’s acoustic properties and enhance its thermal performance with increased insulation.

Group Tegula began by preparing the roof substrate and installing an acoustic insulation layer. Sika Liquid Plastics’ Primer 610 was then applied to each section of the roof, followed by an S-Vap 5000 air and vapour control layer (AVCL).

Danny adds: “Installation of the Sika Liquid Plastics S-Vap 5000 AVCL was a critical element of the roof build up as this will protect the new insulation layer from moisture ingress due to condensation in the pool area, which can be a common issue in leisure sector settings.”

To provide the required level of thermal performance, 140mm of Decotherm insulation was installed, followed by a further layer of S-Vap. The Decothane Ultra cold-applied liquid system was then applied onto the roof surface. The warm roof system achieved thermal improvements to the roof, with a U-value of 0.17.

Neat finish
Following completion of both phases of the refurbishment programme, Group Tegula installed a non-slip maintenance walkway on the roof, along with a static line system. The roof’s lightning protection was also amended and a new grid system was installed and connected to earthing points.

The system was also installed as an overlay to the boiler room roof. For this, the Group Tegula team raised the rooftop plant so that the roof beneath could be completely encapsulated before each item of plant was lowered back into position.

General manager of Tollcross International Swimming Centre, Debbie O’Brien comments: “Tollcross International Swimming Centre is a very high-profile leisure asset and a valued resource for the local community. The new roof will ensure a long and robust service life, in line with the 20-year Guarantee issued by Sika Liquid Plastics, and Decothane Ultra not only provided advantages in keeping the building open during the works but has also enabled a neat finish.”

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