Glidevale Protect highlights the importance of choice whilst achieving compliance

Glidevale Protect highlights the importance of choice whilst achieving compliance

With the recent updates to the NHBC standards, leading building products manufacturer Glidevale Protect is supporting housebuilders, developers, architects and contractors with reliable technical information and a wide range of compliant solutions.

The new NHBC Standards 2024 will apply to every new home registered with the NHBC where the foundations are started on or after 1st January 2024. They support the recent uplift to Building Regulation Part L and the proposed Future Homes Standard by offering new guidance on the use of integrated in-roof solar PV panels and associated ventilation strategies.

The Standards contain revisions to clause 7.2.15 ‘Ventilation, vapour control and insulation’ stipulating that where arrays of integrated in-roof solar roof panels are used, the whole roof covering should be treated as air impermeable unless the panel manufacturer is able to demonstrate their system is air permeable. The Standards subsequently reference ventilation guidance for impermeable roof coverings on both cold and warm roofs to require adherence to BS 5250: 2021 — Management of moisture in Buildings — Code of practice to help prevent the risk of condensation build up in the roof space.

To assist housebuilders in navigating ventilation strategies in conjunction with the use of pitched roofing underlays, Glidevale Protect offers a wide range of product solutions to ensure compliance does not impact on choice.

The company’s comprehensive range of type LR vapour permeable, air and vapour permeable and type HR impermeable underlay options can be used to effectively support the installation of integrated, in-roof solar PV panels when utilised in conjunction with the manufacturer’s broad range of high and low level ventilation products on both cold and warm pitched roofs.

Using a tried, tested and trusted underlay and ventilation solution ensures that the customer has choice when specifying products to be used on a development with solar PV. This includes the company’s new product innovation, Protect A1 Solar, a HR impermeable pitched roofing underlay. When used alongside the manufacturer’s high and low level ventilation products, the need for a ventilated counter batten space above the membrane is eliminated, saving labour time and material cost.

As well as developing new products to support Glidevale Protect’s already extensive package of solutions for ventilation and moisture management in buildings, the manufacturer also offers a friendly and reliable technical support service including complete guidance to aid specification via a full roof ventilation strategy and house type take off. A number of resources are also available via Glidevale Protect’s website including a detailed and downloadable White Paper, highlighting how to comply with BS 5250.

To discuss your individual project requirements and how the updates to the NHBC Standards will affect new roofing specifications using solar PV, please contact Glidevale Protect on or 0161 905 5700.


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