Wienerberger expands its range of clay pavers

Wienerberger expands its range of clay pavers

Wienerberger has expanded its range of clay pavers with the addition of a new KK80 clay paver.

Developed from its existing Dutch range, the new paver will help the company to meet the increasing demand for durable pavers that are suitable for all commercial applications. The clay paver measures 200 by 100mm and is 80mm deep.

Able to be regularly subjected to heavy vehicular traffic, the KK80 clay paver is available in six natural colours; including Bruno, Mastiek, Nero, Padova, Paviona and Siena. These pavers are colourfast, contributing to the resilience of the product and making them a cost-effective solution for a range of projects.

Joanne Roberts, Landscape Category Product Manager at Wienerberger, commented: “Here at Wienerberger, we are always looking for ways in which we can meet the needs of clients wanting to use our products for different applications from commercial, heavily trafficked areas to pedestrian walkways.”

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