New essential guide to renders and decorative finishes for MMC

New essential guide to renders and decorative finishes for MMC

A free guide on how to incorporate traditional decorative finishes into modern methods of construction (MMC) is now available from Saint-Gobain Weber.

With the Government increasingly expressing its commitment to MMC, it is becoming incumbent on housebuilders and developers to explore new ways of delivering projects using modern methods while catering for Britons’ love for the traditional brickwork look.

The new ‘Guide to Renders and Decorative Finishes for MMC’ explains how pre-manufactured value (PMV) is attained and gives an overview of the most common types of MMC and materials, as well as the different finishes that can be used with these methods of construction.

One area where it’s easy to specify a PMV-improving element is using modern alternatives to traditional brickwork, and weberwall brick, which provides a realistic, brick-effect finish without using actual bricks, meets this criteria.

The fast fix alternative to brick slips can be used for both refurbishment and newbuild projects, as well as internally. It falls into category 6 of the Government’s MMC definition framework which deals with building products and systems that reduce labour on site and improve productivity. Each element that is delivered through an MMC process or product will add to a building’s PMV.

James Mead, Project Director at Weber, said: “Bricks and mortar have dominated UK construction for years, with around 70% of the UK’s new homes built with a brick façade. But we’ve also found that there is a growing appetite for offsite timber frame with factory pre-fitted external finishes.

“An offsite panelised timber frame is a viable alternative to full modular or volumetric systems due to its lean and flexible production processes and can be paired with brick effect finishes to achieve that balance between contemporary construction methods and the appearance of traditional buildings.”

Weber is the first manufacturer in the UK and Ireland to release an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for its monocouche render, helping developers make informed, sustainable choices when selecting finishes. It has also published an EPD for weberwall brick.

The third-party certified document details the environmental performance lifecycle of the product and describes how they impact the environment at different stages of the manufacturing process. It also highlights how production waste is reduced and reused, the use of renewable energy sources and tracks if waste is sent to landfill.

To order your free copy of the Guide to Renders and Decorative Finishes for MMC visit:

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