Hastings High School updates its lighting system

Hastings High School updates its lighting system

Hastings High School, Hinckley, has updated its lighting system using Tamlite Lighting to supply an LED luminaire and control solutions for the school.

The previous system used halogen fittings, some of which had been in place for over 60 years. To update the lighting system, Tamlite Lighting was chosen to supply an LED luminaire and control solution for the school. As well as the expected and immediate energy saving the school would gain by moving from halogen to LED, up to 50% of an energy bill is related to non-energy costs e.g. when and where the lights come on.

The initial energy savings for Hastings was a 65% reduction in energy consumption. However, Hastings needed a solution that continued to deliver a reduction in energy consumption beyond the initial switch to LED. This was achieved by installing a variety of Tamlite VISION controls throughout the school. From occupancy sensors alone, Hastings can expect energy savings of £10,950 per annum.

The project was funded by the Salix Scheme that works to reduce energy usage in the public sector. In partnership with CEF Hinckley, Hastings High School installed Tamlite luminaires in classrooms, corridors and main halls.

Ideal light levels without glare is crucial in classrooms. To ensure that staff and students could maintain focus and concentration within a productive environment, the MODLED LG PRO panels, designed with an I-Tech diffuser, were specified. EXPO fittings were installed in the main hall and gymnasium. In the gym, used for sports such as basketball and football, the EXPO fittings are covered with a wire guard, giving extra protection to the fittings.

Emergency lighting in schools is usually specified in areas not lit by daylight. In the event of a mains failure the emergency lighting system, including signage, should provide adequate lighting levels and directional indications to allow staff and pupils to move safely around the school and exit if necessary without accident or injury. For peace of mind, EMLED recessed emergency downlights were installed throughout the site.

Heath Huddlestone, Facilities Manager at Hastings High School, commented: “Maintenance costs were a major problem with the previous system. Particularly in Autumn, when the lights had not been used for a number of months, they would be liable to break or flicker, which doesn’t happen with the new fixtures.”

Tamlite’s LED solutions are easier to maintain, saving Hastings time and money post-installation. Additionally, Tamlite offers a favourable warranty on its products, so Hastings have assurance that the fittings will last in the long-term.

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