Government urged to stimulate housing market and support Homes for Heroes

Government urged to stimulate housing market and support Homes for Heroes

The Housing Forum has prepared an extension of its manifesto which in 2019 set out a vision to increase both the supply and quality of new homes. This update sets out immediate, short and medium term measures focused on three interlinking objectives.

The three interlinking objectives are:

  • demand-side measures
  • supply chain resilience
  • housing delivery continuity

Chair of The Housing Forum, Stephen Teagle said: “The focus of government and the whole of society is on tackling the immediate health crisis posed by Covid-19. As this is brought under control, attention will increasingly turn to recovery and the housing sector has a strong role to play in this.

“This is a proposal to government to introduce measures to support the housing industry’s response to the impact of Covid-19. Its focus is on the known impacts of the virus and proposes interventions which will restore momentum to the delivery of new homes in England.”

The paper sets out clear proposals and calls for clarity and support from Government.

With many housebuilders and contractors now recommissioning sites, the promotion of construction and housing delivery as vital infrastructure is key. The Housing Forum welcomes the announcement that construction workers are to be a key group prioritised for testing. Promotion of their legitimate use of public transport and presence on site is also really important.

Addressing Homes for Heroes, one of the demand side measures calls for the ‘Help to Buy’ programme to offer enhanced terms for key workers with additional government loans and a longer interest free period.

Recommendations cover the breadth of the challenges in housing from mortgages, planning, land supply and local authority enabling through to dispute mediation and future procurement.

To read the full report click here.

In early April The Housing Forum called for partnership working to address suspension of work issues. Read that article here:

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