Teviot community unites to design mural for regeneration project

Teviot community unites to design mural for regeneration project

A vibrant, patterned mural has been unveiled at Teviot, as the finished product of a collaborative art project between housebuilder The Hill Group, housing association Poplar HARCA, Co-Creative Connection and the local community.

Under the expert guidance of local artist Rose Hill, Founder of Co-Creative Connection, Teviot Estate residents were given the opportunity to discuss, design, and deliver the striking art work, uniting the community through a collaborative creative process.

Keeping the community at the heart of the designs, artist Rose Hill held a series of six community workshops for residents to work on the final design of the mural. Encapsulating the past, present and future of Teviot, inspiration came from a wide variety of sources including the Platinum Jubilee celebrations; the Scottish heritage of the original owner of Teviot; African and Islamic artwork to reflect residents’ ethnic backgrounds and flags and rainbows to reflect the inclusivity of the community.

Rose commented: “It was extremely important that we captured the diversity of this wonderful community in the selected design. Our bold use of pattern and colour visually highlights the fact that beauty can be found in difference; the mismatching patterns uniting to form a cohesive, stunning piece of art.”

Capturing the essence of the regeneration project, references to the sun were used to symbolise a bright future, abundant with opportunities for the residents. Falone Bulsa, a local resident, commented: “Whilst helping in the creation of the mural, I felt like I was part of something truly positive for our community. Not only has the art outwardly brightened our community, but this project has created an opportunity for all generations to get together and chat every week. Hopefully, I have made some friends for life through this process.”

Teviot community unites to design mural for regeneration projectComing to an end on the 24th September, residents had a final opportunity to take part in the painting of the mural at the annual ‘Our Teviot’ summer festival. Attracting over 40 participants, the art piece became a captivating talking point for the wider community, both for those directly involved and the countless keen observers.

Adding to the extensive list of community-focused projects previously held by The Hill Group and Poplar HARCA, this creative venture was proposed as a way to strengthen ties between the local population, aiding in building a foundation of unity, collaboration and inclusivity for future residents.

Kelly Player, Social Value Manager at The Hill Group said: “Community engagement has always been central to our regeneration plans. We strongly believe that local residents should be placed at the heart of the design process and this mural is a visual reminder of this pact. Its bold, contrasting patterns reflect the multitude of voices that helped create this striking mural. Due to the success of this project, we hope to incorporate similar projects in the future.”

Ana-Mae Contreras Ramirez, Poplar HARCA,  commented: “It’s fantastic to see this bold, striking mural come to life in Teviot, taking its place alongside Poplar’s tradition as a place for street art.  It’s been great to see the community engaged in telling stories about their lives and the place through this artwork. Residents are at the heart of all our work and we’re looking forward to furthering opportunities for the community to drive the Teviot regeneration as it moves forward.”

Extending beyond the deliverance of a comprehensive social value package to the local community through collaborative projects, regeneration plans for Teviot include more than 1,750 new homes, as well as green spaces and play areas community and faith facilities, enhanced public realm, and improved infrastructure.

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