Sharp UK unveils new resources for schools highlighting ways to reduce air pollution

Sharp UK unveils new resources for schools highlighting ways to reduce air pollution

Sharp UK has launched a new range of digital resources for schools, highlighting ways to reduce air pollution to benefit health and wellbeing and the planet. These have been developed to coincide with Clean Air Day (June 16th 2022) and are available to all schools across the UK.

Clean Air Day, an initiative led by Action for Clean Air, is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign, bringing together communities, businesses, schools and the health sector. Air pollution is the largest environmental health risk in today’s society and this campaign helps raise awareness of the ongoing problems and highlights the steps needed to take to tackle this issue. The theme for 2022 is “air pollution dirties every organ in your body.”

According to the World Health Organisation, 88% of schools in the UK have air pollution in breach of the new WHO nitrogen dioxide (NO2) guidelines, and 95% are in breach of the new WHO PM2.5 guideline. That is almost every child in the UK being educated in a location that is capable of harming their health.

The resources from Sharp UK emphasise the changes an individual needs to make to help address the issues as well as information on what technology is available to help such as Sharp’s own Plasmacluster technology, which is specifically designed to maintain clean and healthy air in home, schools and offices.

Kerry Rush, Product Manager from Sharp UK said: “Air pollution is an increasing concern for us individually and as a nation and we fully support Clean Air Day in its aim to mobilise and enable people and organisations to act on air pollution and ensure their voice is heard. The resources are designed increase knowledge in the classroom and show what changes can be made and the role that technology can play.”

The resources in the digital packs provided by Sharp UK include; posters, leaflets, bunting, Official Clean Air Day Teaching Resources and an Air Purification Information Pack.

Sharp’s Plasmacluster technology generates the same positive and negative ions that are present in naturally fresh air, providing businesses, schools and homes with cleaner and safer air. The efficiency of Plasmacluster devices ensures that dust and harmful particles are pushed through a triple filtration system, absorbing odor’s, then the HEPA filter removes almost 100% (99.97%) particulate matter such as pollen, allergens, viruses, mould and bacteria. The humidification system ensures the rooms humidity is at an optimum level to avoid dry air which increases the speed of virus and bacterial growth.

For information on Clean Air Day and how to download the digital resources from Sharp UK, please go to

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