Explore Offsite Housing event to present the latest in offsite construction

Explore Offsite Housing event to present the latest in offsite construction

A variety of approaches, in-depth analysis and discussion about the shortfall in housing stock will take place at Explore Offsite Housing, held at the NEC, Birmingham on 10th and 11th April 2018.

Offsite manufacturing currently accounts for around 10% of the total construction output but is on a steep upward trajectory, as offsite methods have been identified by the Government and the wider construction industry as a catalyst for change. Strong drivers for growth are the availability of new technologies and an appetite to extend the benefits these contain — all underpinned by the need for significantly more housing of all tenures.

To gain insight from those who are shaping the future of the offsite housing sector, Explore Offsite Housing brings together technology leaders to discuss the growing opportunities that the housing shortage presents for offsite construction. The two-day event will demonstrate how migrating construction from the building site to a quality-controlled factory environment will accelerate the building process, increase productivity and create a new generation of high quality housing stock.

The official figures released at the end of 2017 show that the number of new homes in England increased by more than 217,000 in 2016. This represents the highest level of net additions since the recession and it is the first time in almost a decade that the 200,000 milestone has been reached. Without doubt, some progress is being made. Experts have hailed offsite construction as the only way to respond to the huge demand for new housing. The challenge is to continue expanding supply in the highest-demand areas to improve affordability.

The alignment of market need and political will is clear and compelling — signaling a real opportunity for a step-change in the adoption of offsite construction methods. Moving the construction of houses into factories enables the build to take place both efficiently and economically, making the national shortage of traditional site-based skills less of a concern.

For those in the sector with fresh ideas and innovative technologies, the nationwide housing crisis has the potential to change the ways new homes are built. With the resurgence of the offsite construction, the industry is moving towards factory-based manufacturing methods and the continuous innovations within this sector.

Explore Offsite Housing brings together industry leaders to discuss the latest innovations in offsite technologies and the growing opportunities that the housing shortage presents.

Speakers include:

The conference and exhibition will provide an opportunity for members of the construction industry to tap into the opportunities on offer across the offsite construction sector. Explore Offsite is a series of conferences and exhibitions creating a platform for construction clients and their professional advisers to explore the latest offsite construction solutions. For the full speaker programme or to enquire about exhibitor opportunities at forthcoming events, visit the Explore Offsite website.

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