Insights in association with Forbo | Adhesive free flooring

Insights in association with Forbo | Adhesive free flooring

Forbo offers advice on the specification of its adhesive free flooring solutions for public buildings.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered when it comes to choosing floor coverings for a public building, especially one that needs to be refurbished. For example, not only should they be fit-for-purpose in terms of performance, but they should also be quick to install and contribute positively to an occupants’ comfort and overall experience.

Luckily, Forbo Flooring Systems’ Modul’up collection ticks all of the boxes. Requiring no adhesive, tackifier or double-sided tape, Modul’up can be installed quickly and walked on immediately after installation, which reduces downtime by over 50% and minimises the impact on day-to-day functions. It also contributes positively to a better indoor environment, as it is free from the usual constraints associated with adhesives such as odours, dust or VOCs from subfloor preparation.The collection offers a palette of 20 colours, all of which are available in the compact version, which ensures minimal indentation and is perfect for high traffic areas, and the enhanced Decibel (19dB) version, which is ideal for environments where impact noise needs to be minimised.

From the 10 natural wood items, including realistic rustic oak shades with wood embossing, to the seven elegant concrete and stone effects, alongside three bright colour pops which are particularly suited for primary education, Modul’up delivers an unrivalled choice of design in adhesive free vinyl.

What’s more, Modul’up is also featured within Forbo’s new Fast Fit collection, which encompasses a range of its adhesive free flooring solutions, all developed to save valuable downtime by reducing installation time by over 50%.

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For more on the Fast Fit Sheet on the Modul’up click here.

For more on the Fast Fit collection click here.

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