Forbo Flooring Systems | Minimising disruption on flooring refurbishments

Forbo Flooring Systems | Minimising disruption on flooring refurbishments

Lewis Cooper, Segment Marketing Manager for Education at Forbo Flooring Systems, offers advice on how to minimise disruption and downtime on flooring refurbishments in education through the installation of Modul’up.

Specifying flooring in the education sector presents various challenges, with minimal downtime and disruption to students, staff and the daily operations of buildings being a key consideration. With the latest developments in adhesive free floor coverings, these ‘fast fit’ solutions may prove to be the most valuable option for school refurbishments.

Part of Forbo Flooring Systems’ Fast Fit collection, Modul’up adhesive free sheet vinyl has been designed to be laid straight down onto the subfloor, or even over an existing floor, with minimal preparation in most cases, which reduces installation time by over 50% compared to standard, glued down floor coverings. This means that work can be completed during half term breaks, over the weekend, overnight or even whilst the premises are still in use. What’s more, while concerns over infection control remains within society, Modul’up minimises the amount of time that fitters spend on site too.

Modul’up Cement installed at Edinburgh College

Downtime can often be the most pressing issue for education refurbishments. However, due to the fact that the installation is completely free of adhesives, no setting or drying time needs to be factored into the project and the usual constraints, such as lingering odours, are eliminated. The floor can also be walked on immediately after it is fitted and facilities can resume as normal.

When the time eventually comes to replace the floor covering, Modul’up is easy to uplift and re-use or recycle, as there is no adhesive residue on the back of the material. Indeed, this can result in potential savings on future renovations, as no costly subfloor preparation is required on removal.

Available in an acoustic or compact version and in a wide range of designs, from natural wood and stone effects along with bright and bold colour pops, Modul’up offers the ideal solution for a variety of application areas within an education establishment.

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Header image shows Modul’up Resin in Cobalt.

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