Washroom refurbishment services

Washroom refurbishment services

Washroom Washroom has launched Washroom Refresh, a new washroom refurbishment service drawing on hundreds of unique architectural films to refresh existing facilities.

Through Washroom Refresh, the team will undertake a complete washroom renovation for toilet cubicles, WC duct panels, urinal panels, vanities, wall panels and door sets. Using a range of architectural films, Washroom Refresh can create a bespoke new washroom design much faster than a traditional washroom refurbishment.

With a collection of more than 1,000 patterned and textured designs, the architectural films can be applied to virtually any surface within an existing washroom. The range of films includes faithful reproductions of wood, metal, marble, leather and stone.

The process of wrapping surfaces using architectural films is quick, with projects typically complete onsite in a matter of days, and also reduces waste as existing cubicle doors and panels can be refreshed rather than replaced. The architectural films available as part of the Washroom Refresh service are also durable, stain resistant, easy to clean and easy to repair.

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