Titon expands its SF Xtra ventilator range

Titon expands its SF Xtra ventilator range

 Titon has improved its SF Xtra range of high performance aluminium trickle ventilators, with the introduction of additional clip fix canopies. These new canopies have been introduced with optimum Equivalent Area performance when used with the SF Xtra products, providing higher rates of air flow at shorter ventilator lengths.

The new offering is designed so that more of this type of product can be fitted and it can also lead to fewer ventilators being required throughout a dwelling when meeting the levels of total background ventilation stipulated in the Building Regulations.

These clip fix canopies are designed to be quickly and easily fitted on site, without the need for screws. In turn, this reduces the risk of them being damaged while windows are in transit. Plus, Titon has further enhanced the range by also making a shorter, traditional screw fix canopy available for use with the SF Xtra 2500 ventilator.

These additions coincide with the optimisation of the SF Xtra range, which provides sizing assistance for compliance with the recently revised ventilation section of the Scottish Technical Standards. These have been altered to adopt the more widely recognised EA unit (based on the rate of air flow through a ventilation device) as opposed to the traditional Free Area unit (the geometric area of a ventilation device) but without requiring higher total ventilation levels than those in England & Wales.

The recently launched SF Xtra Sound Attenuator ventilator is also part of the SF Xtra range – and is already being widely specified throughout the UK. Using the SF Xtra ventilator and canopy as its base products, the SF Xtra Sound Attenuator, as its name suggests, aims to offer much-improved levels of sound attenuation. The product is tested by an independent UK acoustic test house for accuracy, with full details available from Titon upon request. A ventilator-canopy combination cannot usually provide the same level of ventilation once it has been fitted with additional sound deadening device.

Commenting on the expansion of the range, Tyson Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director at Titon, said: “The SF Xtra is an extremely versatile product and, with its impressive weather-tightness and the numerous variants available, it is fast becoming the aluminium ventilator of choice.”

The high performance, surface mounted aluminium slot ventilator is the shortest vent available to provide 5,000mm2 EA, according to Titon, and is equally suitable for domestic or non-domestic applications. There are two width variants, one for use over a 13mm slot, the other for a 16mm slot. The SF Xtra is also available in made-to-measure sizes or bar length for self-assembly. All versions can be used with either a plastic or aluminium canopy.

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