Traka launches key management solution to reduce security risks in schools

Traka launches key management solution to reduce security risks in schools

When keys are lost or stolen, pupil and staff safety is immediately at risk. Not only does the school have a duty of care for building users, but repairs and key replacements cause unnecessary costs.

Keys kept on hooks in open view or in a drawer still jeopardise pupil and staff safety. Even if keys are issued from reception, this can’t prevent the disruption and wasted time caused by missing keys. And yet sophisticated key management and access control solutions used in larger schools and universities may seem out of reach for smaller schools and nurseries.

Now, a new affordable system that controls up to 21 keys or keysets has been launched by Traka, the key and asset management specialist in solutions for large schools, hospitals and prisons. Using the same proven software and engineering as in the large-scale systems, Traka21 is purpose designed to overcome some of the challenges smaller schools face with key management and control.

Traka21 is an intelligent yet easy-to-use system for tracing and managing keys to safeguard school premises. The unit individually locks keys into place, ensuring that assigned users are the only ones with access via a PIN. This can help to track accountability for assets that could otherwise be vandalised or stolen, and also avoids disruption to the school timetable when trying to gain access to equipment or a classroom.

Temporary authorisation can be granted with Traka21, which is especially useful for supply teachers or visiting contractors, so keeping track of building users is more safe and secure. Key usage information is monitored and made available either through the cabinet’s display or by export on a USB drive.

Tanveer Choudhry, Global Marketing Manager for Traka, said: “Traka21 is an ideal stand-alone system for education facilities looking for a simple, easy-to-use system for managing keys. With schools playing a much more multi-functional role within communities, it’s more important than ever to consider the security of the school holistically. Even though there have been huge leap forwards in recent years, key management still remains to be the weak link. Traka21 offers the opportunity to install a cost-effective solution to control access in your school.”

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