Glasgow’s Cadder Primary School gets multi-coloured facelift

Glasgow’s Cadder Primary School gets multi-coloured facelift

Glasgow’s Cadder Primary School has specified VIVIX by Formica Group for a commissioned façade renovation project, helping frame a backdrop to the school’s playground.

With reports showing that 91% of school teachers in the UK believe better designed schools correlate with better grades and pupil behaviour, for the architects, creating a visually stimulating entrance and environment for the school was a priority.

The extensive range of VIVIX decors meant there were no confines to the design concept and permitted the specification of vertical panels in five complimentary shades to create a façade that was modern, quirky and striking for the front of the school building. Ocean Grey and Baikal were specified alongside the blue and green tones of Maui, Terril and Tornado as accent colours.

With the sustainable panels being reversible, they are designed to help reduce maintenance and upkeep costs making them suitable for school budgets. The company says the properties and cost of the panels proved to be ideal for the project.

According to the RIBA Better Space for Learning report, “upwards of £150 million is being wasted on the running and maintenance of these buildings each year” which stems from “substandard” schools that have neglected the impact architectural design can have on its students.

As installation of the rainscreen cladding was taking place on both the entrance and the back of the building, a robust, sustainable and impact resistant product was necessary to provide a framework to the relating high traffic areas. The panels met all of the  design requirements without neglecting the issue of future maintenance costs.

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