Tackling Condensation & Mould with The Dwelling Doctors | Importance of effective ventilation

Tackling Condensation & Mould with The Dwelling Doctors | Importance of effective ventilation

Given that many condensation, damp and mould issues are often caused by inadequate ventilation, it is no surprise that the UK Government is cracking down on landlords to implement improved preventative measures in social housing.

Ventilation in social housing
According to the Housing Ombudsman report, landlords should implement a data driven, risk-based approach with respect to damp and mould [1], this should help landlords to identify hidden issues and support them in anticipating and prioritising interventions before a complaint or disrepair claim is made.

This is where ventilation comes in. Effective ventilation should be implemented. This is a great measure to stop mould in its tracks before a claim or complaint needs to be made, whilst keeping tenants safe from condensation, mould and the health issues that can arise from them.

A solution?
At The Dwelling Doctors, we are experts in testing the current ventilation systems of a property. By using the latest and most effective technology, we check if the current system is compliant with Part F (Ventilation) of the Government Building Regulations [2]. Such technology is in the form of an anemometer that measures the airflow rate.

If the property is not up to standard, we successfully implement a ventilation system to rid the property of any future condensation or mould issues. We also provide advice on how best to keep your housing portfolio well ventilated on a day-to-day basis.

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To keep your property well-ventilated and up-to-standard, contact James Dilleigh via email: jdilleigh@thedwellingdoctors.co.uk

Over time, mould has become a huge issue in housing. Here, The Dwelling Doctors offer advice on eradicating mould in social housing. You can read this article here.

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