Tackling Condensation & Mould with The Dwelling Doctors | Eradicating mould

Tackling Condensation & Mould with The Dwelling Doctors | Eradicating mould

Mould is a type of fungus that typically grows upon damp and wet materials (e.g. walls and ceilings). It can be a range of colours, including green, black, grey, white and brown. Over time, mould has become a huge issue, particularly in social housing, and the UK government are currently setting out the new laws and guidelines. Here, The Dwelling Doctors offer advice on eradicating mould in social housing.

What causes mould?
The most common causes of mould are condensation, inadequate ventilation, dampness and humidity. Each of these individual factors cause an excessive build-up of moisture in the air within a property.

Whether this moisture was created by inescapable steam from cooking or showering, drying clothing inside, plumbing leaks, or from the lack of adequate ventilation, the detrimental result can still be the same: mould growing within the home.

As discussed in our previous column, condensation is a major culprit when it comes to mould. When humid air makes contact with a cold surface, it creates moisture. If this moisture cannot escape, you are left with mould.

Mould in social housing
According to the Housing Ombudsman report, addressing mould needs to be a higher priority for landlords,1 especially when it comes to social housing. Given the range of health issues that mould can cause (e.g. allergic reactions, respiratory infections, poor mental health and worsening of asthma), it is clear that change is needed, and fast!

A solution?
Government guidance states that councils and housing associations must take complaints about mould seriously.2 At The Dwelling Doctors, we couldn’t agree more. Eradicating mould, and preventing its return, is our specialty. We offer professional ventilation, condensation control, mould eradication, and associated repair services, to effectively ensure that tenants feel safe and content in their mould-free homes.


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