Wychavon Council propels planning and housing departments with new modules

Wychavon Council propels planning and housing departments with new modules

Wychavon District Council has implemented two new modules in partnership with DEF Software to enhance and support its move to mobile working.

The Jotter module is a mobile app designed for use by Wychavon’s planning team, which integrates with DEF’s MasterGov suite. It enables planning officers to access case information remotely, even in areas where there is no internet access.

Officers can use the app to take photos, view plans and site visit notes, and also access other relevant documents. In the case of areas with limited connectivity, the app will automatically sync any data back to MasterGov when a connection is made. All of this removes the need for manual data entry, paper processes and improving efficiency.

A new housing module has also been developed and allows the private sector housing team to manage their caseload, keep accurate records, report data and manage the service in an efficient manner. It has replaced the use of spreadsheets and file storage with a fully integrated system that also works with the council’s MasterGov suite.

Both systems are live and in use as of Autumn 2022. The new system improves resilience, allowing all members of the team to view current casework and report information directly from the system to improve recording and performance to deliver a better service to the customer.

Kerry Stallard, Digital Transformation Manager at Wychavon District Council, commented: “When we approached DEF with our need for a housing module, they were very keen to develop it and put it in place with us. The reimagined system gives us a lot of reassurance that we have the resilience to meet the evolving needs of the Council. The housing module has improved transparency for the whole team and even results in end-to-end automation for some housing application types.

“In addition, Jotter has made sure that everyone has the correct data available, no matter where they are. For example, lots of the sites we visit have very little connectivity, so the ability to have information to hand in a range of locations is invaluable to us.

To any council looking to modernise, the time is now. Remote access to data and a central database are no longer optional – both internal teams and citizens can benefit hugely from having that capability in place.”

The implementation of the new housing module and of Jotter aligns with Wychavon’s wider agenda of agile working and accelerated digital transformation.

Graeme Cooke, Commercial Director at DEF software a specialist provider of housing, planning and building control solutions for local councils, concluded: “Having worked with Wychavon since 2015 in various capacities, we’re pleased to continue supporting the Council as it realises its digital ambitions and modernises its systems. Developing and implementing the housing module and enabling the use of Jotter will make a huge difference to Wychavon’s day-to-day work, and we are excited to see this long-standing customer continue to drive forward transformation for its vital public services.”

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