Vortice runs RIBA approved CPD sessions covering MVHR

Vortice runs RIBA approved CPD sessions covering MVHR

Specialist ventilation company Vortice Ltd is running a series of RIBA approved CPD seminars this year. 

The first two seminars, which were launched this month, focus on mechanical heat recovery systems, one for the domestic market and one for commercial applications. The seminars are called Why ventilation with heat recovery is the right choice and Commercial mechanical ventilation with heat recovery guide, with each seminar lasting for between 45 minutes and an hour including time for questions — ideal for lunchtime sessions.

Russell Beardsworth from Vortice said: “With indoor air quality coming much higher up the agenda for everyone involved in specifying projects, we realised that there was a need to explain the impact of legislation, recent innovations in heat recovery systems and the effect they can have on the health of a property and its occupants.”

Booking a CPD seminar from Vortice can be done via email or phone call, and the minimum number of attendees for each session is five.

Vortice specializes in ventilation systems, air cleaning, and heating systems. The company operates in Italy, France, the UK, and via various agencies throughout the world. Vortice products are fully recyclable and comply with the WEEE directive. The company recognises the importance of best practice and is aware of its responsibility to conform to its professional associations. Vortice products are ISO 9001 accredited and it is a member of Feta.

Pictured above are Russell Beardsworth (left) and Paul Gunner from Vortice.

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