ROCKWOOL launches high rise hub to support residential developments

ROCKWOOL launches high rise hub to support residential developments

ROCKWOOL has launched a high rise hub to support residential developments and help specifiers construct safe, comfortable and sustainable homes.

Predictions suggest that an additional 9.3 million people will move to the UK’s cities by 20221, driving the trend for vertical construction to create more space for homes. In response, ROCKWOOL has developed a new high rise hub designed to support the specification of non-combustible stone wool insulation solutions for residential projects — ultimately helping specifiers to meet stringent fire safety, thermal and acoustic requirements while constructing high rise properties.

A central feature of the new hub is ROCKWOOL for High Rise Residential Projects, a comprehensive guide which explores the role of tall buildings in our society and focuses on key high rise topics including fire safety, thermal comfort, energy efficiency, acoustic performance and sustainability. Containing specific Building Regulations guidance as well as stone wool insulation case studies, advice and best practice, ROCKWOOL for High Rise Residential Projects is the go-to resource for high rise developers and specifiers.

Through the high rise hub, specifiers can also access the ROCKWOOL Interactive City which features a virtual model of a multi-storey residential building with stone wool insulation solutions displayed in-situ. The cutting-edge 3D environment makes it easier than ever to visualise and select insulation solutions while keeping homeowners’ and tenants’ requirements in mind.

Through features like zoom, 360º views, pan-able application build-ups and augmented reality, the Interactive City helps users to explore the company’s insulation range in an innovative and accessible manner. For real world examples and inspiration of how stone wool insulation helps designers to create enjoyable high rise homes, visitors to the hub can also read a series of notable case studies featuring diverse developments including student accommodation and social housing.

Paul Barrett, Head of Product Management at ROCKWOOL, commented: “In launching the ROCKWOOL high rise hub, we’re making it easier for specifiers to access a host of resources specifically designed for residential homes at height. Specifying insulation solutions for high rise buildings isn’t always straightforward, so we’ve ensured that Building Regulations requirements and wider quality of life considerations are clearly presented.

“Ultimately, it’s about creating high rise homes which are safe, comfortable, futureproof and sustainable — and I’m confident that the high rise hub is a great place to start.”

You can visit the ROCKWOOL high rise hub and download the ROCKWOOL for High Rise Residential Projects guide here:

1 According to a 2012 UK Government survey, ‘People in cities: the numbers’:

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