LiveWest joins forces with Cornwall Council and European Social Fund to launch scheme to help people back into work

LiveWest joins forces with Cornwall Council and European Social Fund to launch scheme to help people back into work

Housing provider LiveWest has joined forces with Cornwall Council and the European Social Fund to launch a new project to help support struggling people secure a route back into employment.

The new programme, SILK which stands for Strength, Independence, Life Skills and Knowledge, looks at a variety of areas including housing, benefits, accessing childcare, support with money management and exploring local opportunities. The scheme is part of the Building Futures project in partnership with Cornwall Council and has received a funding boost from the European Social Fund.

Our Support Worker, Tania Purdie, said: “We’re delighted to be able to offer this initiative to the area. We would really like people to make the most of the programme and we hope they can take something useful away from it.

“It could be that they are starting to move towards looking for work and we can support them with being employment ready. We can provide that supportive one-to-one work to alleviate any barriers they may face.”

This programme is designed to enable people to get back into work and address barriers potentially hindering employment opportunities.

Tania added: “We understand people may be hesitant to take up work, especially if they have children or don’t know if they have what the job requires. But this course is there to assist with that.”

“There are quite a few opportunities out there at the moment that people may be interested in but are nervous about childcare or what it would mean for their family or how it would work out in terms of their benefits?

Alongside the one-on-one support available, will be the opportunity for people to join a 12-week rolling programme to give them the chance to develop their skills to give better access to education, employment, and training.

The Support Workers will facilitate six core sessions exploring a variety of themes and issues centred around personal development.

Our Support Worker, Suzanne Cooper, said: “For us, it’s about looking at their future and what their future goals and aspirations are and making those a bit more achievable for them. So, we can work out a plan of what they need to do to be able to work towards that goal.

“We can be that friendly face for them to link in with to help them with any processes like this.

“We are hoping to link into opportunities so that participants can gain skills and training required for the workplace. This could include training such as CSC cards which is required in the construction industry.”

The criteria to be eligible to apply is, you must be 16 and over, have the right to work in the UK and be unemployed.

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