Kettering residents to benefit from upgraded houses

Kettering residents to benefit from upgraded houses

Tenants of Kettering Borough Council‘s properties are set to benefit from refurbished homes after the awarding of a new contract to Novus.

The building contractor will carry out the works to a range of the council’s stock of houses in Desborough and Rothwell, refurbishing and upgrading the properties.

Novus will perform plumbing, electrical and heating upgrades, install new heating systems and carry out refurbishment works on the kitchens, bathrooms and staircases. It will also install new carpets, windows and doors and carry out maintenance to walls and gardens.

The works will also require Novus to undertake pre-refurbishment works that include helping the residents prepare with the removal and storage of their belongings, clearing the houses and carrying out cleaning.

James Devlin, Capital & Investment Works Manager at Kettering Borough Council, said: “While the building of new houses rightly occupies many people’s minds, it’s vital to remember that maintaining those already in circulation is also crucial to a resident’s wellbeing and the lifespan of a property.

“We’re committed to investing in our stock of houses but we also need to make sure it’s done to the very highest standard. We’ve worked with Novus in the past and the effort they go to to ensure work is carried out professionally while always putting tenants’ needs first is exemplary.”

Tony Ronayne, Operations Manager at Novus, said: “We’ve built a strong relationship with Kettering Borough Council over the years that has enabled us to develop a unique understanding of what their tenants want and how we approach every project. We’re looking forward to seeing the properties when completed and the difference upgraded living spaces make to their residents.”

The project will take place across an initial 12 properties in Desborough and Rothwell.

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