Gold Standard for rejuvenation of Greenwich homes

Gold Standard for rejuvenation of Greenwich homes

Forty five families at 381 to 403 Well Hall Road in Eltham now live in warmer, safer and modern homes thanks to £1.5m of investment by the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

As part of a borough-wide effort to rejuvenate and invest in the Royal Borough’s housing stock, 381 to 403 Well Hall Road has received a sweeping programme of building enhancements. State-of-the-art innovations include a new flat roof with thermal insulation and solar panels. Thermally efficient PVC-U white double glazed windows have also been installed along with over-cladding for the entire building exterior to ensure that the maximum amount of external wall insulation is provided; these improvements are expected to realise significant savings for residents in fuel costs thereby contributing to the Royal Borough’s commitment to eliminating fuel poverty.

greenwich-borough-council-gold-2A range of improvements have been made to the building’s interior with new flooring, communal decorations, and high-efficiency LED lighting throughout the building.

Security arrangements to the Well Hall Road flats have also been increased with an enhanced door entry system, upgraded CCTV coverage and additional safety features to the balustrades and balconies.

Avril Lekau, cabinet member for housing and anti-poverty councillor, said: “The improvements at Well Hall Road deliver on so many fronts -we’re adopting the latest technologies to create energy-efficient homes and ensure that tenants and leaseholders are provided with safe, well maintained and modern facilities which could rival the very best of private sector developments. These improvements also deliver on our anti-poverty agenda through the provision of high quality, housing stock for our residents.

“The unveiling at Well Hall Road is just the start of an all-out-effort to refurbish and rejuvenate the borough’s homes. We are conducting a full survey of the entire housing stock in the Royal Borough as part of a broader strategic regeneration designed to breathe new life into our communities.”


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