Staffordshire County Council appoints modular building specialist to framework

Staffordshire County Council appoints modular building specialist to framework

Actavo Building Solutions has been appointed by Staffordshire County Council to its construction project framework.

The company will be working with the council for the next three years to provide permanent building requirements, from educational facilities to public sector projects.

Appointed to Lots 4 and 5 of Staffordshire’s construction framework for the provision of major and complex modular construction projects, the company will provide a full, turnkey construction solution from a building’s initial design to occupation and may also provide both internal and external refurbishments to existing public sector buildings.

Offsite construction is designed to deliver sustainable, cost-effective building solutions to tighter timeframes, which combine to give local authorities a high degree of certainty in meeting specific needs.

The design and provision of primary and secondary school buildings will be one of the council’s priorities. Actavo may also provide nursery facilities, sports centres, respite and day care services and other public sector buildings — including police and fire authority premises — if commissioned, through a case-by-case basis, by other local authorities through the framework.

Matthew Goff, director of UK operations at Actavo Building Solutions, commented: “Many local councils want the speedy delivery, versatility and cost-effective advantages that offsite construction methods lend to any project. Working with Staffordshire County Council over the next three years, we will deliver modular buildings designed with flair that will stand the test of time.

“Local authorities recognise modular construction is the way ahead for speed, construction excellence and return on investment.”

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