CIEH praises Shelter’s Living Home Standard

CIEH praises Shelter’s Living Home Standard

The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) says Shelter‘s Living Home Standard provides clear benchmark for landlords and tenants.

Following the launch of Shelter’s ‘Living Home Standard’ based on what the British public say they need from a home, Bob Mayho, principal policy officer for the CIEH, said: “The vast majority of landlords provide decent housing for their tenants but it is apparent that a considerable number of people are living in sub-standard accommodation.

“The strength of Shelter’s approach is that the Living Home Standard reflects entirely what the public have said they want from their home and where they live. So it looks beyond what constitutes decent living conditions to also consider affordability, stability, space and neighbourhood for example.

“Housing has a powerful impact on our lives, whether that’s living in damp conditions or having enough space to live a harmonious home life. The Living Homes Standard is a ground-breaking tool, providing a clear benchmark for landlords and tenants alike on what good housing really looks like beyond just decent conditions.”

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