Viridian Housing identifies 45 ‘hidden homes’ for affordable rent in North London

Viridian Housing identifies 45 ‘hidden homes’ for affordable rent in North London

Viridian Housing could be set to house more people in North London after identifying 45 potential ‘hidden homes’ for affordable rent.

A number of underused car parks and open land on estates have been earmarked for the development of flats and a three-bedroom home under the Mayor’s Housing Covenant 2015 -18.

Viridian currently has over 1,000 general needs homes in North London. If consent is granted, the additional properties could be complete as early as next year — pushing Viridian’s stock in the area up by 3.75%.

Chris Miller, director of development and commercial projects, said: “During this housing crisis it really is important for housing associations to be thinking more innovatively when it comes to creating more homes.

“Developing these ‘hidden homes’ makes efficient use of underused pieces of land, and it improves the density of urban housing. It also has a hugely positive impact on these areas through regeneration.

“Most importantly, it creates more properties in areas where there is a real need for more affordable housing. This really is just the beginning. There could be many more opportunities to create new homes without acquiring any additional land within North London and further afield.”

Pictured about is Viridian’s Tileman House development in Putney. Currently Viridian Housing has 16,000 homes in the Midlands, West Sussex and London, housing over 30,000 people. In 2015/16 the housing association built 1,600 new homes, registered 460 volunteers; helped 15 residents into employment and provided 62 residents with training; as well as recovering 40 illegally sub-let properties and returning them to those in need.

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