Milldale Close housing co-operative in Kent transforms kitchens in 51 homes

Milldale Close housing co-operative in Kent transforms kitchens in 51 homes

When the kitchens at Milldale Close started to show signs of wear and tear, the hunt began to find the right contractor and supplier to update and replace the cabinetry and tiling in all 51 homes.

Milldale Close is an independent co-operative housing estate, where the residents make all decisions themselves and then look for funding for each project. Managed by a committee of residents, this is a tight knit community where the welfare of each resident is of paramount importance.

Following a tough tender process, Ball Contractors, a family based firm of building and electrical contractors from Ashford, Kent, and their preferred kitchen supplier, Benchmarx Kitchens, were successful in their joint bid to overhaul all 50 of the kitchens on-site.

With both companies able to move quickly, it took just six weeks from the decision being made to men being on site to start work. The residents chose the Options family from the kitchen supplier’s portfolio, to ensure long-lasting, practicality.

Each kitchen took four days to complete, and with a strong working relationship in place between the two companies, the programme saw a new kitchen started each day to ensure the renovation of all 51 properties was finished on time and on budget.

Anthony Ball, the Director of Ball Contractors, said: “I can’t fault Benchmarx’s suitability for a project such as this; namely because the product is perfect, the service is second to none and the National Sales Team are great to work with. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend any other supplier for any of my jobs including the high end projects I cover.

“When tackling a project of this size, knowing we have everything we need, when we need it, is key. Benchmarx use hand held terminals to scan items on and off the van, so I have complete peace of mind that my order has been delivered in full.”

Peter Boakes, Head of National Sales at Benchmarx Kitchens and Joinery, added: “When we heard of about this project, we knew it was something we wanted to be involved in. We have worked with Ball Contractors on many other projects in the area, so our decision to partner with them on this scheme was a simple one.

“The residents have invested so much into making this community a success, so quality, reliability, service and price were equally as important to ensure they got the results they deserved.

“The Options family fitted the bill perfectly as it created the premium, modern look the residents wanted, in a finish that is durable and easy to clean. The addition of the Laminate 38mm worktop further enhanced the practicality and longevity needed.”

Ann Harris, Co-operative Manager (and resident of 20 years) at Milldale Close, said: “Anthony and his team at Ball Contractors have been a pleasure to work with, and it was their confidence in the Benchmarx product that convinced us it was the right route for the whole estate. I made sure I spoke to all of the tenants each day throughout the refurbishment to make sure they had everything they needed and that everyone felt 100% happy about both the products and the service. It was a joy to hear how delighted they were with the results.”

Eileen Prosser, who has lived at Milldale Close for 22 years, added: “This new kitchen has been a breath of fresh air. It can be quite overwhelming to have everything in array, especially at our age but they (contractors) have made sure we have never been without water during the time work was underway.”

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