Titon introduces new Purge Ventilation Unit designed for use in housing

Titon introduces new Purge Ventilation Unit designed for use in housing

Titon has expanded its ventilation systems range with the inroduction of a new Purge Ventilation Unit for use in residential applications. 

Designed for specifiers and housebuilders, the new unit effectively removes indoor pollutants within a home and is designed to satisfy the Building Regulations Part F 2010 requirement for purging, as set out in Appendix B. As a result, Titon’s Purge Ventilation Unit is capable of extracting a minimum of four air changes per hour per room directly to the outside.

Featuring a low profile and a high-efficiency EC fan to meet the requirements of both new-build and refurbishment projects, the unit is suitable for use in rooms measuring up to 45m2. It can either be used as an independent purge system in its own right, or integrated into Titon’s HRV Q Plus MVHR or CME Q Plus MEV systems to provide additional dedicated purge ventilation. The fans can be fitted inline or in ceiling extract ducting, while purging between multiple rooms can be achieved by adding a cross-talk attenuator to the ventilation system.

The unit is lightweight, has low acoustic properties and is said to be quick and easy to install. It is also 100% speed controllable, which allows designers to configure for every application, while ensuring compatibility with makeup air solutions when required. In addition to improving indoor air quality, the solution can also be used to increase thermal comfort and combat overheating.

Lee Caulfield, Sales Director, said: “Purge ventilation provides a viable alternative when windows and doors cannot adequately do the job alone. The new unit allows the rapid removal of stale, odorous and poor-quality air from a home, creating a healthier and more pleasant indoor environment to live in. The added advantage for the occupants is that it also prevents a space from becoming uncomfortably hot in the summer months.”

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