Stockport Homes aims to SweepUP its estates

Stockport Homes aims to SweepUP its estates

SweepUP is the latest American estate management software to come to the UK and has the potential to be a business disrupter. Since its launch at the CIH Conference in June, the software has generated lots of interest and its first new housing customer, Stockport Homes, has gone live.

Stockport Homes recognised SweepUP’s potential to radically alter the way it manages its housing estate. John Chambers, Head of IT, said: “Stockport Homes has a proud tradition of maintaining its estates, green spaces and communal areas and we could see that SweepUP’s functionality would complement our existing high standards. We have been very impressed with some of SweepUP’s added value functions and in particular how easy it is for users to use. This solution addresses many of the day-to-day frustrations users and managers have had with legacy manual processes.

“There is also potential to apply this solution to other parts of Stockport Homes wider business, where routine assessments need to be carried out and real time visibility of issues can be reported and addressed.”

The software includes:

Problem reporting 
The software gives customers the ability to report an issue in seconds. Customers can type a short description, take one or more pictures or videos and submit the issue instantly. Estate caretakers, cleaners and managers are notified and know exactly what to do instead of trying to guess what the customer needs.

Estate caretaking and cleaning instructions
It helps estate caretakers and cleaners understand what needs to be done and what the expectations are for the location they are servicing.

Language translator
The software’s Language Translator supports more than 100 languages, which means that all employees can select their language of preference for their messages and notifications.

Time tracking 
Accurate time keeping will help you be accountable to your customers and will help you to manage your business efficiently, without waste, by ensuring estate caretakers and cleaners are accountable to you.

Check in with a tap  
Signing in and out with the mobile app is a breeze with SweepUP. Estate caretakers and cleaners can use the mobile app to check in and check out. Estate staff can click the ‘Map It’ function to help them know where they need to go.

Scheduling caretakers and cleaners to single or multiple locations is simple and fast. Managers can easily create shifts with start/end times and assign estate caretakers and cleaners. With the web app scheduler it’s easy to identify what locations do not have an estate caretaker and cleaner scheduled, to ensure you are covered at all times.

Supply management 
Knowing what supplies are needed, what has been fulfilled and what still needs to be delivered can be time consuming and frustrating for managers. SweepUP makes supply management easy. When supplies are low, you’ll receive a notification and email with a list of needed items.

If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. SweepUP provides housing organisations with trends over the last 30, 90, 180 and 365 days for each location to help managers see the big picture and understand how your team is performing over time.

The action board is a real-time management tool that gives a snap shot of all open complaints throughout an organisation. By drilling down to the details of any location managers will be able to identify where the most challenging locations are and that estate’s team performance.

The ‘Check in Map’ tool gives a real time visual RAG rating view of all an organisation’s locations.

SweepUP provides housing managers with a powerful and easy-to-use tool to post-inspect estates and communal areas, including real time notes and photos. This means frontline staff get direct performance feedback. Inspections are easy to create or organise and can be as detailed as you need them to be, to ensure total satisfaction for your customer.

Steve Lamb, Housing Support Pro’s ICT Director, added: “We are pleased to be working with Stockport Homes as we believe that SweepUP has the ability to help improve Stockport Home’s facilities management and all for £3 per month per user.”

Pictured above from left to right is: Steve Moffatt, Caretaking Team Leader, with John Chambers, Head of IT, for Stockport Homes, and Glyn Cunnah, Sales Director for Housing Support Pro. 

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