Smart solution for building management

Smart solution for building management

The increasing popularity of smart building solutions is allowing people to manage their premises at the touch of a button, and now GEZE is introducing an interface module that will draw its door and window technology into that network.

The IO 420 connects into the BACnet system – the standardised global data communication system which is independent of manufacturers and specific technologies – to manage light, heating, ventilation and alarm systems.

It’s designed to provide a fast, simple and standardised integration which works with GEZE window drives, automatic door systems, heat and smoke ventilation products, and safety technology products to provide heat and smoke ventilation, secure escape routes and provide a more pleasant and healthier indoor climate.

The interface enables a central control of automatic door systems and can monitor their status, showing which operating mode they are in and display options for alarms, making it particularly suitable for offices, passageways, shopping centres and public buildings.

Emergency exit protection can also be incorporated ensuring automatic release of electrical lock and swing door drives, immediate detection of abuse or incorrect operation, and motor lock control – identifying its current locking status.

Automatic window controls, and heat and smoke ventilation products can also be controlled by the IO 420. This can trigger a ‘nocturnal cool-down’, control window closure in case of rain or strong winds and can be used to support natural ventilation based on internal/external conditions – weather factors or presence of people in the building.

Kaz Spiewakowski, managing director of GEZE UK, commented: “Smart building solutions are the future for many building types. They are convenient, reduce energy costs, increase security and introduce greater comfort for those using the building. The IO 420 is designed to be scalable and therefore suitable for a wide range of premises – from small rooms with a few windows to entire buildings with complete integration of automatic systems.”

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