SikaBit completes Sika’s Flat Roofing portfolio with Safe2Torch Bitumen range

SikaBit completes Sika’s Flat Roofing portfolio with Safe2Torch Bitumen range

Liquid-applied and single ply roofing membranes supplier, Sika, launches the SikaBit range of bituminous roofing systems, developed to answer the requirements of NFRC Safe2Torch guidelines.

“Bituminous systems still account for at least half of flat roof refurbishments in the UK,” explained Head of Sika’s roofing business, Rod Benson. “Our focus has always been on bringing the most advanced roofing technologies to the marketplace, combined with the highest levels of service, technical support and safety best practice.

“As a technically-advanced bituminous system, SikaBit allows us to continue that approach with proven technology that offers specifiers another option for accessing Sika’s renowned package of service, technical support and guarantees. Thanks to the launch of the NFRC’s Safe2Torch guidelines in 2017, we have been able to develop our systems specifically to meet their criteria, ensuring the highest standards of Safe2Torch due diligence and accountable product performance.”

A fully BBA-approved range of torch-on and self-adhesive bituminous membranes, SikaBit provides a total solution for a high-performance waterproof roof build-up, comprising an air and vapour control layer (AVCL), underlay and a hardwearing cap sheet. The SikaBit Pro Bituminous Membrane range includes flame-free detailing options for completely Safe2Torch-compliant roof installations, along with a root-resistant offer for green roof applications and a solution for inverted roofs.

“We’re not just launching a bituminous membrane,” Rod continued, “we are re-thinking bituminous membranes and offering a complete system that can be tailored to meet the design criteria and safety requirements of any new-build or refurbishment flat roof. This proven, next generation bitumen technology will be offered with all the technical, application support and customer-service specifiers expect from Sika, including installation by a national network of fully-trained Certified Contractors and a suite of guarantee options to provide complete peace of mind.”

Developed to combine the flexibility and tensile strength of an SBS membrane with the hardwearing properties and UV stability of APAO, the range leverages these advanced bitumen technologies to ensure both exceptional durability and ease and speed of application.

The range will include three core systems designed to meet the requirements of most roof environments. ASafe2Torch system will provide a roof build-up that combines torch-on and self-adhesive components for both Safe2Torch zones and flame-free areas. The range will also include an inverted roof system and a green roof system.

The systems have been extensively tested and Sika has developed a wide-ranging training course for its Certified Contractors, including Safe2Torch guidance, which will be delivered at the company’s dedicated training centres with technical support also available on site. The training course will include training in all aspects of the product range and has been developed in close partnership with the NFRC.

Gary Walpole from the NFRC commented: “We are delighted that Sika chose to involve us in putting together the training course for SikaBit from the very earliest stages so that we could really embed the principles of Safe2Torch in the way the system is installed on site. It’s good to see an industry leader like Sika embracing Safe2Torch in both product development and training as we all work towards making sites safer for both contractors and end users.”

Rod Benson added: “There may be some who are surprised by our decision to launch a range of bituminous membranes but we believe the SikaBit range joins the dots for specifiers by offering them a complete solution from a trusted supplier that they can rely on for product quality, technical support, safety best practice, customer service and robust guarantees.”

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