Sika Liquid Plastics launches Sika Pro-Tecta metal roof solutions

Sika Liquid Plastics launches Sika Pro-Tecta metal roof solutions

Sika Liquid Plastics, the specialist in liquid roofing and waterproofing systems, has launched the Sika Pro-Tecta range of systems; a complete solution for metal roof refurbishment.

The new range includes both a cut-edge corrosion treatment option and a full roof sheet encapsulation system, backed by guarantees. The cut-edge corrosion system, Sika Pro-Tecta CE, combines a newly-developed primer and top coat, which have been specifically formulated as a system by Sika’s globally-recognised Industrial Coatings Division. Meanwhile, the full waterproofing system, Sika Pro-Tecta WP, incorporates an easy-to-use, self-adhesive tape, which dramatically reduces the installation time associated with reinforcement of metal roof sheets, prior to the main coating application.

The Sika Pro-Tecta CE system comprises a high-performance primer, Sika Poxicolor HE New, which has been specifically-formulated for application in a single coat to manually prepared surfaces. This is then followed by two coats of SikaCor EG-5; an acrylic polyurethane hybrid. The Sika Pro-Tecta CE system provides an unrestricted and hard-wearing solution across the UK mainland, including Industrial and coastal areas with moderate salinity, and is backed by a product guarantee.

For metal roof sheets that are at an advanced stage of degradation, including loss of primary waterproofing function, the company has developed the Sika Pro-Tecta WP system, which incorporates Sika Joint Tape SA as part of a solution, which is faster and easier to install than many conventional metal roof refurbishment solutions.

The innovative, self-adhesive Sika Joint Tape SA is available in two widths: a 150mm tape, for the reinforcement of the end laps, side laps and their associated fixings, and a 75mm tape for reinforcement of non-lap and random fixings. The tape is cut to size on site to meet the requirements of the roof, and, once all the laps and fixings have been reinforced, the installer simply applies a light flash coating of liquid membrane to the surface of the tape, followed by the two main coats at the coverage rate specified. The flash coat and two main coats will always be done in the main specified cold-applied coating which can either be the low odour Decothane Ultra system or the Sikalastic-625 system, depending on project requirements.

The Sika Pro-Tecta WP systems are backed by waterproofing guarantees and extensive technical and specification support as standard, which includes condition surveys, onsite inspections and final sign-off.

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