Sevenoaks Modular gains BBA certification to construct six-storey buildings

Sevenoaks Modular gains BBA certification to construct six-storey buildings

An innovative building product developed by Sevenoaks Modular has been given the green light to be used in six-storey buildings — an important landmark as it widens the potential market for its use.

The Triso-Warm structurally insulated panel modular build system, developed by Sevenoaks Modular, has been given the seal of approval by the BBA, the UK’s leading construction certification body. The BBA certificate allows the company to construct six-storey buildings using the Triso-Warm product. Until recently, they could only use it up to four-stories. The certificate was granted after the company was able to demonstrate the product’s efficiency, sustainability and cost-effectiveness, as well as the solution passing several tests conducted by the BBA to ensure its competence, durability and safety on higher storey builds.

Sevenoaks Modular’s Triso-Warm product comprises specially engineered timber frame panels injected with PUR highly insulated foam, which expands and adheres to the inner panel, creating an airtight seal. The product is extremely thermally efficient, addressing three key issues required for excellence in thermal efficiency: very low U-values — typically 0.11W/m2K; good performance to resist cold bridging — y-values typically of 0.04W/m2K; and good air permeability — as low as 1m3/m2h @50pa. The product provides economic solutions to achieve an ‘A’ rated Energy Performance Certificate and higher levels of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

Reports from the Welsh Government in 2018 showed 155,000 households in Wales were living in fuel poverty — equivalent to 12% of households. However, the percentage of households in fuel poverty has shown a decrease from 26% in 2008, with indications showing that this is a result of reduced household energy requirements due to energy efficiency improvements outweighing increases in fuel prices.

Housing association project
Sevenoaks Modular is due to complete a £10m housing development in Pentland Close, Llanishen, Cardiff — where the Triso-Warm system is being implemented to meet the requirements of Wales & West Housing to ensure thermal efficiency is met for its future residents. The extensive project involves the building of five three-storey blocks — with large parts of the build, including installed doors and windows along with external cladding — being manufactured offsite, allowing for a speedy onsite installation. This is extremely advantageous to housing associations as onsite disruption is reduced and the assembly of the build is much quicker.

Charlotte Hale, Director of Sevenoaks Modular, commented: “This is an exciting time for Sevenoaks Modular as we are offering a product that is much sought after in the current climate of fuel poverty in Wales — and we are happy to be able to provide a solution to help people stay warm, without it costing money that some households are unable to afford.
“We have had great feedback from the social housing developments and other clients that have used Sevenoaks Modular to install our Triso-Warm insulated panel modular build system. We are thrilled to have been awarded the next level certificate by the BBA to enable us to now use the product on six-storey builds.”

Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO of the BBA, said: “As a company it pleases us to see how JG Hale has used their BBA Certified Triso-Warm product to provide a long lasting and effective solution to the construction of offsite housing in Wales. The innovation and development displayed by JG Hale and Sevenoaks Modular in the continual expansion of their business footprint can only bring about positive changes for the industry and the City of Wales.”

Sevenoaks Modular has recently announced it aims to invest some £6.5m in acquiring and regenerating a large part of an iconic industrial site in Neath. Known locally as the Metal Box factory, renovations of the site are already underway. The site has been renamed to the JCG Buildings.

More information on Welsh Government statistics on fuel poverty in Wales.

Header image shows Charlotte Hale, Director of Sevenoaks Modular, Claire Curtis-Thomas, CEO of the BBA and Jonathan Hale, Chairman of Sevenoaks Modular and JG Hale Group.

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