Senior’s PURe and simple solution to window maintenance

Senior’s PURe and simple solution to window maintenance

Combining thermal performance with ease of maintenance, Senior Architectural Systems has added a new overswing reversible window option to its PURe range of low U-value aluminium window and doors.

The new overswing aluminium window is fully reversible, enabling cleaning to be completed from the inside of the building.  Safe, secure and benefitting from the inherent strength and durability of its slim aluminium frame, the new overswing option can help to reduce maintenance costs and is ideally suited for high-rise projects where access to the exterior façade can be difficult.

The latest addition to Senior’s patented PURe range, which benefits from an enhanced thermal barrier manufactured from expanded polyurethane foam (PUR), is also designed to provide exceptional acoustic and thermal performance.  The overswing window has the potential to achieve U-values as low as 0.93W/m2 when calculated as a commercial CEN standard window.

Offering design flexibility, the windows are also available in tilt and turn and casement style options. Both the doors and windows in the range are fully compatible with Senior’s aluminium curtain wall solutions.

Ideally suited for a wide range of applications, the range of aluminium windows and doors have already been specified on a number of contracts in the education, commercial and housing sectors.

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