Secure UK Ltd launches radical new home energy efficiency product

Secure UK Ltd launches radical new home energy efficiency product

Smart home technology specialists, Secure UK Ltd, has announced the roll out of Radbot, a new intelligent thermostatic radiator valve (TRV), designed to instantly increase the energy efficiency of existing heating systems and reduce the cost of heating homes.

The smart device, which can be fitted in minutes to traditional radiators throughout the home, uses an innovative self-learning algorithm that continually monitors the home environment, predicting and adjusting heating to occupancy patterns.

Put simply, Radbot only heats the space in the home that is used.

Endorsed by The Energy Saving Trust, Radbot can save up to 30% on home heating bills by reducing the energy used to heat empty rooms.

Trials have proven that, at the present time, this could equate to an average saving of £180 a year, with that potential saving set to increase in line with the rapidly rising cost of energy.

UK energy regulator Ofgem has reported that the wholesale price of gas has increased by 335% in the past 12 months, and was forced to raise the energy price-cap by 50% in April, increasing energy costs by an average of £700 a year for 22 million people. A further increase is expected in October.

Unlike a smart thermostat, a Radbot can be easily installed by either the home owner, landlord or property manager, by simply replacing the existing radiator valve with the new similar sized device.

There’s no need for a plumber or engineer, and crucially the device operates without an internet connection, so there’s no need for a home wireless internet link, to use a smart phone app, or to remember passwords for an account.

Matt Sheen, the co-creator of Radbot and Application Manager at Secure UK Ltd, said: “We see Radbot as a product of our time — a simple but innovative solution that can make a big difference in reducing spiralling home energy costs today.

“Lower income households are being hardest hit by the perfect storm that is driving up energy prices — these people need real practical help now.

“Over the longer term, the mass retrofitting of homes with energy-efficient heating systems and smart thermostats will deliver lasting change, but in the meantime people need all the help they can get to reduce the day-to-day costs of running their existing boilers.”

Matt continued: “Radbot is another example of Secure UK Ltd at its pragmatic best, by developing and delivering a solution that is easily accessible to the majority, both in terms of its simplicity and price point.

“All of Radbot’s game-changing complexity is absorbed into the devices self-learning algorithm, which means all the easy-to-access benefits are passed on in one neat box — simply screw it in and turn it on.”

Matt concluded: “At the present time, Radbot is available via the trade, and we foresee real value for the social housing market, where many tenants are being hardest hit by the rising cost of living. Radbot could be another practical measure landlords take to quickly reduce bills.

“Radbot also provides a SAP uplift, which can improve EPC ratings and help meet energy efficiency targets.”

Radbot is available either directly from Secure UK Ltd by visiting

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