Pecial air intake screens help hospital maintain HVAC efficiency

Pecial air intake screens help hospital maintain HVAC efficiency

Keen to protect all its HVAC equipment from airborne debris and to maintain its efficiency, the Central Middlesex Hospital sought a solution for all its 28 locations.

RABScreen, the external air intake screen specialists, together with distributor GVS Filtration and their client Bouygues put forward a successful bid in a competitive tender and the team then subsequently fully surveyed all the hospital locations.

As a hospital project, much of the work had to be completed at weekends, and there were several problems which needed to be addressed: 10 of the supply ducts were drawing air from high level louvres; access required scaffolding which would make ongoing maintenance very difficult; and internal duct access was also difficult.

The hospital maintenance team was looking for a mesh screen that could be inserted into existing ductwork then simply withdrawn for future maintenance. By working with one of its partner companies, AJM Ventilation, the RABScreen team were able to modify the ductwork to receive new filter boxes. The RABScreen solution was installed within the supply filter box to make screen insertion easier.

Now, the local airborne debris created by London’s A40 and the surrounding industrial area is kept away from the disposable filters increasing their lifespan by as much as 60%. This front line protection allowed the introduction of the highly-efficient GVS BACTICELL which sits behind the RABScreen’s mesh material. The GVS BACTICELL improves efficiency and copes with high pressure differentials between changes. These BACTICELL screens will reduce replacement costs, with the next filter change not expected until August 2019.

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