Panasonic GHP keeps Skyliner Sports Centre cool

Panasonic GHP keeps Skyliner Sports Centre cool

Skyliner Sports Centre has installed three Panasonic GHP VRF units to provide an energy-efficient air conditioning system.

The sports centre, located in the Moreton Hall area of Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, required an energy-efficient and cost-effective air conditioning solution to be installed into its new building that houses the busy gym and fitness studios. There is a limited supply of power to the building which is why three Panasonic GHP (Gas Driven) VRF units were chosen as the ideal energy-efficient heating & cooling solution for this project by installers Pitkin & Ruddock and distributor Oceanair.

Damian Nunn, Director of Pitkin & Ruddock, explained: “The main challenge for this project was the restricted amount of power allocated to the building, in this case on 200A TPN, which is not enough to accommodate a conventional VRF air conditioning system, as well as to maintain the other essential building services such as IT and lighting etc. The Panasonic GHP VRF units overcome this problem as they can operate on a lot less power, as it is only the fans and control circuits which draw on the power supply. The technology also ensures the system is also highly energy-efficient.”

The gym area and each fitness studio onsite has a separate Panasonic GHP VRF system installed complete with four to six Panasonic ceiling cassette units. Whilst the cassette units are in use, fresh air is brought into the areas and stale air is removed via Panasonic heat recovery ventilation units.

Damian added: “The heat recovery ventilation units recover up to 77% of the heat in the outgoing air making for an ecological and energy-efficient solution for this project.”

The gas engine within the Panasonic GHP VRF units is used as a driving source of the compressor instead of the usual electric motor. This allows waste heat being produced from the gas engine to be used elsewhere, freeing up the electricity supply for other uses.

Tony Holland, Account Manager from Panasonic distributor Oceanair, commented: “The unique Panasonic GHP VRF units are a natural choice for commercial projects with a limited supply of electric power, in addition to being able to meet and deliver high demands quickly and efficiently.”

The Skyliner Sports Centre is located within the grounds of a busy school, with the gym and studios being in constant use.

Kate Crouch, Centre Manager of Skyliner Sports Centre added, “Our Studios and large gym with 45 stations at the Skyliner Sports Centre are incredibly busy with our members being very appreciative of the new air conditioning system to keep them cool whilst using the facilities. Members are consistently satisfied and enjoy the perks of a great air-con system. Communication with Pitkin & Ruddock has been really easy, in addition to them providing a great service throughout our first 12 months.”


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