Nuaire launches IAQ-Valve for easy-fit air filtration

Nuaire launches IAQ-Valve for easy-fit air filtration

Nuaire’s new IAQ-Valve combines a standard supply air valve with a carbon filter. This combination is designed to simplify the control of air pollutants entering the home by utilising a standard MVHR supply valve that is part of a ducted ventilation system.

With no requirement for an access hatch, specification and design are straightforward, and all the resident will see is a discreet, white ceiling valve. The carbon filter valve is capable of capturing up to 91% of NO₂ and other harmful pollutants. The carbon media held inside a cartridge is microporous, and through a process known as ‘adsorption’, the pollutants are attracted and held on the surface of the carbon, trapping them before they enter the home.

Business Development Director, Andy Mudie commented: “IAQ-Valve represents a new type of life-saving technology that simplifies the design and installation of carbon filters. The virgin activated-carbon pellets remove a reassuringly high level of pollutants produced from vehicle fuel combustion, including harmful NOX, sulphur dioxide, ammonia and VOCS, all of which are known to damage the body and reduce life expectancy.

“Removal of pollutants is the most important aim of any carbon filter product, but that must be followed by factors that make specification, installation and maintenance easier.”

IAQ-Valve works as part of a complete system with Nuaire’s low-energy MVHR Eco range. Polluted air is passed through the G3 filters inside the MVHR system, where particulates, pollen and dust are removed. This air is then passed through the carbon filter valve on the supply-leg of the ducting. The carbon media offers a low resistance to air volumes of up to 15l/s, and the valve is fully adjustable for commissioning purposes and is lockable once commissioned.

The installation of IAQ-Valve takes into account the varying availability of void space in new-build homes and apartments. For deeper ceiling voids, the valve can be ducted vertically using rigid duct with the valve added after the ceilings are plastered around the duct opening. For lower ceiling voids down to 180mm, it can be installed using a first-fix plenum making connection simple.

Maintenance is equally straightforward. IAQ-Valve has a simple ‘twist-and-clip’ bayonet fixture which enables quick release for easy maintenance that can be carried out by the tenant without the need for tools. Nuaire recommends replacement of the cartridge every two years, offering a free-return recycling service to ensure the used media is disposed of correctly.

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